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This section of the site was created to speak to those people interested in learning more about cannabis policy in Oregon. If you are a journalist, feel free to share these links in your media publication.

2020 Campaign

Stymied by lawmakers, activists want to put cannabis cafes on Oregon’s ballot – Portland Business Journal, 3/20/19

Oregon NORML, In Partnership With The Oregon Justice League, Files “Legalization Justice Act of 2020” – NORML, 3/19/19

Oregon initiative petition would allow pot cafes, off-the-job use protections – Statesman Journal, 3/18/19

New Ballot Initiative Seeks to Legalize Indoor and Off-Job Cannabis Consumption in Oregon – WW, 3/18/19

2014 Campaign Archive

State officials consider potential implications of legalizing marijuana

Legal-Marijuana Trend Spreads as More States Weigh Votes

Oregon’s Inevitable Pot Legalization in 2014

Oregon: Two Marijuana/Hemp Initiative Petition Drives Start Strong

Support grows for Oregon marijuana initiatives

Two Oregon Marijuana/Hemp Initiative Petition Drives Start Strong

Marijuana Arrests and Citations on the Rise in Oregon

Two marijuana initiatives filed for Oregon ballot

Pot Heading To Ballot In 2014

Marijuana legalization advocates pursue referral, ballot initiative to let voters decide

Marijuana legalization headed back to Oregon ballot

Oregon could vote again on pot legalization

Barrons: Should Pot Be Legal?

The Next Seven States To Legalize Pot – Why Oregon, California and more are likely to follow Colorado and Washington toward legalization

Advocates of legalizing marijuana will take issue to Oregon Legislature

2012 Campaign Archive

Marijuana: an Avoidable Loss in Oregon

Backers of legalized marijuana not giving up

Oregon lawmakers should take up marijuana legalization

Oregon Reformers Are Trying to Legalize Pot On A Shoestring Budget

Toke the Vote: Reefer Madness looks at pot ballot measures around the country

Oregon effort to legalize marijuana could have big impact in Idaho

Measure 80 engages marijuana use at a state level

Vote 2012: Measure 80 aims to legalize marijuana

Spokesman for Oregon’s Yes on 80 Marijuana Legalization Campaign Questions Elway Poll, Supports Washington’s I-502

Retired Milwaukie officer supports Measure 80

Hemp can help

News Laws for Cannabis

Reasons why voters should legalize marijuana with Measure 80

Elvy Musikka Says Vote Yes on Measure 80, Amendment 64 and Initiative 502

Ballot Measure 80: Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Initiative

Pro-pot forces cultivate elder vote

Marijuana would be treated like liquor in Oregon if legalization measure passes

Culture Fail: Stop the Fear-Mongering Around Measure 80

Oregon to vote on legalizing marijuana

Marijuana: 75 Years of Failed Prohibition

Bradbury Backs Pot Measure

House Co-Chair Peter Buckley Endorses Marijuana Ballot

Rep. Peter Buckley throws support behind legal pot measure

Randy Leonard Agrees: Let’s Legalize Pot—But Insists He Doesn’t Smoke It

Portland City Councilman Backs Measure 80 Pot Legalization

Measure 80 would legalize pot, allow research

Yes on Measure 80: Regulating marijuana would increase public safety

To Win the Drug War: Follow the States


On The Eve Of Legalization Votes, Marijuana Potency On The Rise

Oregon’s Measure 80: Hemp and Economic Recovery

Regional NAACP conference endorses Oregon marijuana measure

Oregonians will ponder whether to legalize marijuana

Drifting toward a ‘yes’ vote on pot measure

Pot Legalization Could Set Up State-Federal Showdown

Residents of Klamath County sign petition to legalize sale and consumption of marijuana

Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, endorses Oregon marijuana initiative

C. Oregon voters speak out about legalizing pot

Oregon OCTA Marijuana Legalization Initiative Makes Ballot

Talking marijuana (legalization) without the giggles

And Then There Were Three: Oregon to Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November

Marijuana initiative qualifies for Oregon ballot

Cannabis Tax Act sparks Nov. debate

Oregon Residents Campaign To Legalize Pot

Oregon likely to put pot legalization to voters, proponents say

Q&A: Rundown of Ballot Initiative Attempts

Are Northwest Voters Ready To Legalize Pot?

Oregon marijuana legalization supporters confident they will make November ballot

Oregon Marijuana Initiative Hands in Final Signatures

Law legalizing pot could be headed for the ballot

Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Campaign

2010 Campaign

2008 Campaign

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