Dedicated to promoting positive legal, social, and political change in support of cannabis and the many adults who use it.

Oregon NORML Hotline: 503-489-8792

There Is a Truth That Must Be HeardHere at Oregon NORML, we are working to hold our legislators accountable at the ballot for state cannabis policies. We think it is important that voters know how their representatives feel about this issue. Through the NORML Responsible Access Plan (aka NRA Plan), we are taking a queue from the effective strategies used by the National Rifle Association to demand respect and legal protections for cannabis consumers. We are meeting with legislators and preparing the Oregon NORML Voter Guide 2018 to be released this fall in anticipation of 2019 legislation that would license and regulate cannabis consumption lounges.

We are reaching out to those that represent us and asking five simple yes or no questions that we as Oregon NORML have determined are central to our organizational goals. An affirmative answer to all five equals an A grade, four a B, three a C, two a D and one or less an F. Pluses and minuses are added based on additional commentary from the representative about specific legislative action they will take, or publicly available information.

The mission of the Oregon chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is to further the social justice goals of the marijuana legalization movement post-legalization. Cannabis is legal but still not "normal" in our society; Oregon patients and recreational consumers still risk housing and employment discrimination and loss of custody of their children for choosing to use cannabis legally and there are not safe legal public spaces for social consumption. Oregon NORML believes that although it is legal statewide, conflicts with federal law still threaten the liberties of Oregonian cannabis users.

We will soon be implementing Oregon NORML & Women's Alliance Action Center. The section of the website will focus on letter writing campaigns directed towards Oregon's elected officials.

Social Cannabis Public Consumption Lounges

Tenant / Renter Protections

Workplace Protections / Job Discrimination

De-schedule Cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act

Tax/Banking Reform (End 280E Restrictions)

Membership Meeting

WHEN: Saturday, October 20, 2018 at High Noon

WHERE: Flight Lounge
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WHY: This meeting is for all who are interested in getting involved with Oregon NORML and the fight to end cannabis prohibition for adults. Membership is $40 Annually.